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Monday, April 02, 2007
Enchanted Kingdom
it was Smart’s yearly family outing, and this time, we had it at EK. we have 3 saturdays available exclusively for us, good thing i chose the 2nd sat, there’s not much employees around, kaya di ganun kahaba ang mga lines sa rides. =)
we arrived there around 1pm, katirikan ng araw talaga, haha. we were with lil’ boy of course, his first time in a theme park. sinama din namin ang 2 pamangkin ni hubby, si Achie and Miguel. and boy, we all had a great time!!!

we first ate lunch, then started enjoying the rides.

for some rides, take turns kami ni hubby, like sa Rio Grande and Rialto. tipong kami muna ni Migs ang papasok, then after namin, sila naman ni Ach. di pa kasi pwede si lil’ boy eh.

and good thing Achie is tall enough to pass all the height requirements sa Space Shuttle and Anchor’s Away. at buti na lang, matapang syang sumabay sa akin, and not to mention na umupo sa pinakalikod to enjoy the rides best. kasi si hubby, masakit DAW ang ulo at nahihilo DAW dahil sa traffic. yeah, right! same old reason whenever we’re there, haha.

lil’ boy was able to ride his favorite Carousel. and take note, tapos na yung ride eh super kapit pa din sya sa bars, ayaw bumaba, “isa pa” daw, “isa pa!”.

he also rode the Balloon Fiesta ba yun, Egg Ride and Mini Train. buti na lang at nagmana sa akin ang anak ko na matapang sa rides, hehe.

side kwento: i’ve always been adventurous in terms of these rides. i remember when i first went to Ocean Park in Hongkong, i was young then but managed to enjoy the “Space Shuttle”-like ride they had. and when we went to the different theme parks in the US (Knott's Berry, Disneyland, another one in San Diego and others i can’t remember anymore due to memory gap, hehe), i was able to enjoy ALL the available rides they offer. lahat ng klase, kahit na yung super nakakatakot! imagine, i was with my family, and i have 2 elder brothers with me, but none of them wanted to join me sa mga roller coaster rides. there was even 1 ride na i can’t remember the name, basta para syang roller coaster inside a black hole. you don’t know what will happen and you don’t even know how scary the trails, kasi nga madilim kaya wala kang nakikita and you don’t know what to expect. but being the adventurous me, sumakay ako dun ALONE! wala kasing matapang na gustong sumama sa akin sa pamilya ko eh, hehe. kasama ko dun puro mga foreigners, dedma lang ako, basta ma-try ko lang. and it was worth the feeling and the excitement, super sarap!
sayang nga lang, wasn’t able to visit 6 Flags Magic Mountain, i should have enjoyed it more because i’ve seen the rides there, super exciting. hopefully we can go back there soon for a much needed vacation. =)

but for now, back to EK muna ako…

the fireworks show was set at 7pm. we were all there seating and looking up the sky, while hubby enjoyed taking pictures of the show.

lil’ boy was with me and i knew he was enjoying every bit of it. his smile and the glow in his eyes said it all. i’ve been to EK a lot of times, seen different beautiful fireworks all my life. pero ewan ko ba, nung Saturday, iba yung feeling ko while watching that ordinary show. parang i really felt “the magic was there”, hehe (much more than what i've felt sa Disneyland back then). feel na feel ko yung background music ng EK while we were watching, “the magic is here…at Enchanted Kingdom!” para akong bumalik sa pagkabata at tuwang-tuwa. perhaps kasi i can feel the joy of my lil’ boy. now kasi, he can understand and appreciate the fireworks already eh, at damang-dama ko yung saya nya. kaya ibang klase din yung kilig at saya ko that time. hay, iba talaga pag nanay ka na! =)

we left the park past 8pm already because we were all dead tired.

just ate late dinner on our way home. nakauwe kami past 11pm na, at super pagod. but all worth it, especially whenever lil’ boy said that he was happy at EK! =)

we’ll definitely go back…sana sa Hongkong Disney na susunod. hehe.

parinig: told you hubby, nae-enjoy na ni lil’ boy yun eh, mwehehe.

more pictures here.
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