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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
i was tagged...
by dang and jenc

today, 05april was my EDD. my baby was supposed to be 1 today but he came out a little late, adhering to my request. =)
so now, it's almost a year. hope i still remember everything, if not, it's the anethesia i guess! =)

How did you feel during those first few days after the birth?
it was a happy feeling! Of course because the long waiting was finally over, and also because the 3-day hospital stay was like a vacation in a 3-star hotel with hubby. my baby wasn't roomed-in because i delivered via CS, so i just had to visit him in the Nursery whenever i can. the rest of our time was spent watching tv, eating, sleeping, entertaining visitors, watching tv, eating, sleeping...see the picture? =) owel, i'm just taking my time and preparing for the big responsibility when we go home.

How were you emotionally?
still happy! i guess that's all i ever felt before. oh, also sleepy! =) i was lucky i didn't experience any PPB. i guess because i really prepared myself emotionally for the big change. and i've got all the help i'll ever need, so not much problem on that.
but of course, the first 2 weeks was really tiring, because it's that time my baby was adjustng to the real world. i was deprived of sleep, because he seemed to always know when i was about to sleep, then he'll cry! waaah! that 2 weeks was like a month for me! tired, sleepy, aching nipples, exhausted, but still, HAPPY! =)

Is there anything you wish people had told you about the postpartum period?
none, really. because i was pretty informed (warned) by my friends and my books. i just became so emotional until now, just watching a commercial or a scene with a baby on it moves me.

How long do you plan to breastfeed?
hopefully until 1 year, which is only 4 days away. but i'm still thinking to continue. just thinking, hehe.

Do you have any advice for getting through those first weeks of breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding is a learned art! it's really hard at the start, but eventually gets better and easier. cracking of nipples happen, i experienced that, OUCH! you need to learn how to position your baby, how to latch and how to suckle (not only suck!). To get you through the year, always remember that Breast is BEST! That breast milk is the healthiest milk for your baby (as long as you eat right) and in the long run, you'll also feel the BIG savings you had by not buying that formula. =)

Was there any stress between you and your husband over the baby?
none that i can remember, hope my memory is serving me right! =) no stress for him because i was always the one waking up in the middle of the night. but that was because he was working and i was on ML. but now that i'm back to work, i'm still in charged! huh, unfair! =)

Let's talk about your body, did things get totally rearranged?
a big YES! and i can't even lose that extra pounds until now! i still have that 10!!!
breastfeeding didn't work for me. maybe because i always feel hungry every after feeding, so i need to replenish, hehe. my fault, i know!

Care to share how much you weighed before and how much now?
i gained 40 lbs. and lost 30 of that! so where's the 10? DON'T ASK! it's on the previous answer.

What advice-or comfort-can you offer other new moms about their weight?
it's ok to gain weight, people will always associate that with your giving birth. easy excuse!=)

How important is it for you to have a work identity?
not much. just for the reason that i have to work for my baby's future. but if i'll be given a choice (and a chance with so many conditions attached), i'd rather spend my whole time with my baby. how i wish! =)

Was your baby a lot of fun right from the start?
a lil boring, because all he did was sleep, suckle and pee/poo. my tiny consolation was seeing him smile on his sleep, which wasn't really a 'smile' after all. =)

What's your baby like now?
he's a cutie! with a few hair and a lot of teeth (he has 8!). he has so many gimmicks and loves to play a lot. he always makes us smile and laugh our hearts out with his antics. he'll be 1 soon, and just the thought makes me sad. how time flies, my baby will no longer be fully dependent on me. but i'm also excited, because he'll soon be walking and running and exploring the world on his own. i just hope he'll forever be grateful having us as his parents. =)

thanks for this! =)

i'm tagging Alpha and Jody. it's been a year, try to reminisce. =)
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