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Tuesday, October 04, 2005
a very looong weekend...
last weekend was a very unusual one for all of us. it was a sad, tiring, depressing, no-sleep weekend. i’ll try to make it short, coz’ i don’t want to recall much of it. =(

friday, 8pm – hubby and i arrived home and took baby’s temperature, it was a raging 39 degrees! so I panicked and called my pedia at once. she advised me to go to the ER of UST Hospital asap so they can check my baby. she wanted to know if he has an infection and if it’s needed to give antibiotics. she’s also open to the possibility of dengue. but being a dengue survivor, i’m positive that it was not!
upon hearing this, i cried of course! i didn’t know what to do. as always, 1st time experiences hit BIG! my hubby arranged baby’s things, as well as ours’ if ever he’ll be confined. as we left, lola was crying also, emotional family huh. =)
the ER doctors communicated with my pedia. and she advised a CBC to be done to my baby. i just held my baby while the procedure was being done coz he was crying the whole time. =(
the result was ok, thank GOD! just a slight viral infection. but we were advised by my pedia to go back that morning so she can check on my baby herself.
we were home at 2am, but baby boy still had a hard time sleeping. i really pity him because he was crying hoarsely, maybe because of his cough and 2-day crying. hubby and i barely slept, because we needed to rock his cradle all night so he can sleep.

saturday, 8am – woke up and prepared for the check-up again, it was a 2-hr sleep for both of us. pedia said that it’s asthma season, so we really need to monitor closely if it’ll lead to that. additional medicines were prescribed. finally, we were home by 2pm. it was unusual because check-up morning has always been followed by an afternoon malling, strolling and shopping. this time, it was straight home. =(
it was also sad because we weren’t able to attend the despedida of our friend (hubby’s barkada). to think that I was the one who teased them to have that party. and we were pretty excited on that, lotsa food (for me) and beers (for hubby!)
just the same, our night was spent with a lot of wailing, rocking and crying. it was so hard for a mother like me to not know what your baby needs, especially when you know that your baby is in pain. there were times that i would just cry and pray!

sunday – our day started early, well, at least for me coz’ i haven’t slept and can’t sleep anymore. i cooked and prepared breakfast. it was finally a break for all of us because baby was soundly sleeping. we all had breakfast at the same time and it was a happy family time. since baby was catching up on his sleep, i was able to do a lot of things in our house. i was able to arrange baby’s clothes and things. remove all clothes that don’t fit him anymore, and brought out all the clothes that fit him now. i also did the same thing for hubby’s clothes (another blog for this =).
merienda time, we had pizza delivered, yum-yum!
then it was time to go to mass. since baby can’t come with us, hubby & i just walked ourselves to Sta. Lucia to hear the 6pm mass. we were able to reminisce our good old days when we were just dating, when it was only the two of us and when we didn’t care at anything except US! =)
haaay, kung san-san na napunta ang kwento ko, nalihis na din sa original topic ko. medyo humaba na din sya ha, di ko mapigilan, hanggang sa pagta-type, madaldal pa din ako!
anyway, medyo ok na naman si little boy ngayon. kahit na medyo problematic kami nung friday at saturday, medyo masaya pa din ako pagdating nung sunday. hindi lang dahil sa gumaling na si baby boy, nakapag-bonding pa kaming mag-asawa sa bahay. bukod sa madami akong na-acomplished at naayos sa bahay, na-realize ko masaya pa din pala kahit na wala kami sa mall pag weekend, kahit na di kami nakapag-shopping, ok pa din ang bonding. nakapagkwentuhan at nakapagbiruan kami ng mas matagal, na tipong walang istorbong nike shops o bags o baby toys pag lakad mo, hehe. at higit sa lahat, ok pala pag nasa bahay lang kasi walang gastos, haha. actually, wala nang pang-gastos kasi ubos na sa hospital bills at gamot ni baby, waaah!
i'll try to make it short daw oh...uy, short pa yan sa mga actual na nangyari. dahil sabi ko nga sa title ko, it was a looong weekend!
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