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Saturday, October 01, 2005
baby boy is sick! =(
before i went home last night, i bought cough syrup for baby. hinde ito ung pang -adik ha, hehe. when i got home, baby was asleep, kaya di ko muna hinawakan. sayang kasi ang tulog, baka magising na naman.
when he woke up, i just felt that he was hot. got his temperature, and oh my, it was 38*! for the first time, he had a fever. he never had fever before, even after vaccines. so i was really devastated, as in! not only because it was 1st time, more on i didn't expect that to happen. i am exclusively breastfeeding because i want my baby to be healthy and sick-free. and i've trusted that breastmilk, combined with vitamins, will do the work. but i guess i've just expected too much, or maybe i am not eating healthy! owell, it could have been worst! with the pollution, extreme weather, viruses in our country, my baby is still lucky and healthy that it was only a slight fever. =)
so in the middle of the night, i called my pedia and she suggested to give calpol drops. so i asked hubby to buy at a nearby drugstore. after giving medicines, i rocked my baby to sleep. but all he did was cry! oh, i tell you, it was sooo hard to see him like that!
i just hugged and kissed him, he was so hot that it really made my heart and my body melt. as i was rocking his cradle, i can't help but cry! tipong eksena sa isang telenobela, hehe. habang ugoy-ugoy ko ang duyan, dahan-dahang pumapatak ang aking mga luha, huhuhu, sobsobsob!
i prayed, i prayed and i prayed! hubby, baby and i prayed! finally, baby was able to sleep, after hours of rocking in the cradle. that was already past 1am. as soon as he slept, i wrote down his temperature readings, his medication instructions, so i can monitor closely. as soon as i laid my back on our bed..."waaah!" cried my baby. owell, i'm a mother, and sometimes, that's how it should be. i got him again and breastfed in our bed. took his temperature and it was already 38.5! i just hugged him close, and i cried myself to sleep.
after i dozed off, the alarm went on. what-the-fcuk! =) it was 5am and time for my baby's medicines. thank god, his temperature went down to 37.5.
when i finally can't play supermom anymore, i woke up hubby and asked to put baby back to sleep. it was a 2-hr sleep for me, just enough because i can't take a leave from the office. we have an important meeting this afternoon, so i just need to be there!
my baby was still asleep when we left. but accoring to my parents, he's doing ok now, just a little coughing though.
i realized how affected i am with just that 38 degree fever! i don't know how else can i handle situations worst than that. owell, with my hubby, family and God on my side, i trust that i'll do well. pero sana Lord, wala na lang din, hehe.
it was a looong night for us, but tgif! we can finally rest. just sad because our 1 week plan of going to tiendesitas / frontera verde was cancelled because we can't leave baby behind. but, there's always the next weekend! =)
and oh, btw, when i arrived here in the office, i got a text from my boss that meeting today is cancelled! WTF again, hehe. owell, that's life! =)
posted by apple @ 3:00 AM  
  • At 5:38 PM, Blogger Apols n Junn said…

    hey apple!

    mah baby was sick also @ 5 months.first time :(. tonsilitis/cough/colds. probably its the time of the month where viruses are out there! so i vowed not to take him out the house anymore :(

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