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Monday, June 19, 2006
fun-filled weekend
friday, it was my Mom's birthday. they didn't want to go out so naghanda na lang sa house and we ate sooo much, lalo na si lil' boy, kare-kare and spaghetti! =)

saturday, hubby was on his company outing so i was left w/ lil' boy. in the morning, we played basketball and he's really good with his dunk, a basketball player in the making. sayang lang kasi hindi ko nakuhanan yung dunk nya w/o the walker.

then nag-swing na sya for the longest time, he enjoys it still so much. and look how he's grown, abot na nya ang ropes ngayon, hehe. the 1st pic was taken when he was 9mos. and now, he's 14 mos. =)

after that, i've decided to have a mother-son bonding. =) so at 3pm, i carried him w/ his bag and crossed the overpass to Robinson's Metro East. waaah, ang bigat! kaya pagdating sa mall eh pinaglakad ko na lang sya. ang problema, lumalakad agad papuntang JABY! haha, he just loves Jollibee so much, he even knows the dance whenever he sees the commercial "bida ang saya!". but we first went to Toddlers & Keepers and he played there for an hour. gulat pa nga ako because i saw this familiar kid, then when i heard her name, cheska, i knew she was the daughter of che. so our kids played the whole time, hehe.

after that, time to recharge. and as promised to lil boy, we ate at JABY!=)
then walked to Sta. Lucia to hear anticipated mass w/ Lolo & Lola. we were supposed to celebrate advanced Father's Day, but they opted to go home for dinner, masarap daw kasi ulam sa bahay. tira sa kahapon, haha!

sunday, nagyaya ang brother ko ng Father's Day celebration. so we (dad, mom, kuya, tita, hubby, me & lil' boy) ate lunch at Max's, Rob. after that, we went ahead coz we needed to go to SM Fairview, hay layo! we needed to do an occular of the Ginger Bread House in the StoryLand of SM (cute venue, btw) to know the party decorations that we need to do on July 16.
but first, Toy Kingdom! =) nung friday, i saw this Cars stuff toy na nagsasalita whenever nababangga. and i thought na sakto for lil' boy kasi mahilig syang magtapon ng toys nya. atleast eto, kahit itapon nya eh hindi masisira at tuwing itatapon nya eh maaliw sya, kasi nga nagsasalita. but i didn't buy it yet, kasi may kamahalan. so i consulted hubby first kasi nga we're on a tipid-mode right now, hehe. so when he saw it, hubby liked it kaya lang wala yung bida, si Lightning McQueen, di nya type yung mga available. as if sya ang maglalaro, hehe. so we didn't buy.
after the occular, we played some arcades and lil' boy had some rides.

then we went to SM again to buy gift for Miguel (hubby's nephew). at syempre pa, napadpad ulit kami sa toy section ng SM. kung saan nakita namin yung big RC/manual battery-operated na car na nuon pa namin gustong-gustong bilhin for lil' boy. pero that time kasi, he was still small at hindi pa pwedeng sumakay dun. but now, sinakay ko na sya so he tried it, and he loved it! paikot-ikot sya sa toy section, with the guy controlling the car. yung ibang taong nakakakita sa kanya, bumibilib kasi they thought he was the one driving the car, haller! hehe, medyo malayo na kasi ang inabot nya eh, di na nila kita yung guy na nagko-control. =)
yung ngiti sa mukha ng anak ko, priceless! pero yung car, "priceful"! hehe, it was P7,399.95!!! whoa, such a big amount na kailangan namin munang pag-isipan. so i just took photos and videos of lil' boy enjoying the ride. baka sakaling mabola ko ang mga lola kapag nakita nila yun, hehe.

then i saw again the Cars, and there was McQueen =).

buti na lang, lil' boy loved it din at ayaw na bitawan, hehe. nilalagay lang nya sa may ears nya at pinapakinggan ang "Awww", "I'm built for speed, not slammin'", "Not again" at kung ano-ano pang sinasabi nung kotseng iyon. at buti na lang mas nagustuhan nya iyon kasi mas mura iyon eh, hehe.
at eto ang aking anak, habang naglalakad-lakad ng walang pakiaalam, hawak ang kanyang Cars.

then we went to hubby's place to celebrate Miguel's 6th birthday. it was just a simple family dinner.

but lil' boy enjoyed especially the blowing of the cake. since marunong na din syang mag-blow (everytime he eats hot food, he blows =).

he walked and played with his cousins like he really is a kid already. he even played the piano with Achie.

we're home at 10pm, super pagod kaya super bagsak na kami sa bed. but it was really a fun-filled weekend! =)

next weekend, DAVAO naaa!!!
posted by apple @ 1:22 PM  
  • At 9:43 AM, Blogger babie said…

    Hi apple! Na-extra pa si cheska. Hahaha. Di ko na kayo naabutan kasi naghahanap ako ng gift para sa father's day. Hehehehe.

  • At 10:11 AM, Blogger apple said…

    hello! i still have some pictures of cheska. i can email them to you if you want. =)

  • At 10:41 AM, Blogger jane said…

    Hi Apple!

    I love reading your blog, laging may update hehe.

    Buti ka pa, Austin likes riding the Remote Car, we got one for Sophia when she turned one and until now di pa namin magamit-gamit. She likes riding it but ayaw niya ng umaandar, lol. Weird ba? She just likes playing with the steering wheel and pressing the horn and opening the lights. Once we use the remote control and the car starts moving, natatakot!

    Hay, sayang. Mahal pa naman. I've been trying to take a picture of her riding it na umaandar pero walang naka-smile siya. It's either scared yung face niya or wanted so much to get out of it. Hoepfully she'll enjoy it soon, like your Austin :)


  • At 4:50 PM, Blogger apple said…

    hi jane. thanks for reading.
    medyo mabilis nga din kasi yung takbo ng car for them eh. para ngang nasusubsob siya pag umandar at nag-break eh. pero type pa din nya, hehe.
    i know soon, Sophia will appreciate that na. kailangan lang talagang sanayin siguro. good thing pwede iyon hanggang lumaki pa sya ng konti. sulit pa din.=)

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