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Monday, December 05, 2005
'real' bday preps start now...
my baby boy's bday party planning has formally started since july. but ideas and brain-storming with hubby started way, way back even before baby was born, hehe.
both being in this party business made us more excited to prepare for our own. eversince we've started this business, we were already talking about preparing & decorating our own baby's birthday parties, imagine our excitement now that it's soon to happen.
i personally love parties, kiddie parties at that! and my hubby has the artistic mind and hand in decorating parties. that's why we've decided to start this small business of ours 2 years ago, the "Yan-Ple's Party Shop". but we lay low on our biz when we gave birth because we were so pre-occupied with our baby.
now, almost a year, i just realized that i missed bday party preps! i missed all the client meetings, the brain-storming, the new ideas & gimmicks we had to do, the pressure of actual preps, the fun during the party and all the compliments (and complaints, sometimes!) we received after the event.
now, after my baby's 1st bday in april 2006, we are ready to jump start the business again! more complex, more detailed, more extravagant and hopefully, more client! =)
but for now...concentrate on baby boy's party first! =)

i've reserved the venue last july. since the venue owner & caterer is a friend, she had reserved the whole day for me the moment i inquired. i had to reserve early because i needed the whole day slot. since we'll be the one to personally decorate and supervise the whole preps, we need to start early.
if you're an avid reader of my blog (naks, as if! =), you're aware that i'm almost done with the prizes & loots. my hubby always tells me that i can put up a Pooh store in our house. and still up to now, hubby doesn't know how much Pooh stuffs i've bought, haha!
we're also half done with the conceptualizaton of the whole party, the banners, stage & the invites. more on the real works this christmas break.

but reality sank in last sunday when i had to shell out a large amount of cash for the downpayment. (i didn't feel such on the prizes because i bought that one at a time, although the total purchases can speak for itself, hay!) the downpayment was for our venue/caterer. and as any party goes, the largest chunk of the budget goes down the drain of the caterer!
it was also our time to check out the venue again and supposed to do some measurements and planning. but guess what, we didn't bring any measuring device . nevertheless it wasn't much of a problem, coz' looking back, i don't think it'll be of use.
based on our experience before with our clients, once we checked the venue, ideas kept on coming and planning was just a walk in the park.
but not last sunday! as i stared on the empty venue, my mind went totally blank!!! oh my, clueless on what to do! as if i was a neophyte on decorating parties. i was holding my notebook and pen, but wasn't able to write down a thing. my hubby kept on suggesting, but they were all rejected by the client (who was ME, btw!), hehe.
i want something NEW, something FRESH, something NEVER SEEN and something we haven't done at all! so that's tough, hard thinking is needed. and the 30mins i was there standing wasn't enough. we left the place with no concrete plan at all. told you, it was good thing we didn't bring any device because there was nothing to measure yet in the first place.
now, i realized that i haven't prepared much until this time. and i'm running out of time. only 4 months to go and still, there's so much to THINK and DO! and they're ALL left to hubby and me. =(
owel, atleast the party planning started moving again. and we don't have the right to be idle this time. go, go, go Yan-Ple!!! you can do it! =)
pretty excited! [Hooray, hooray! It's "baby boy's" 1st Birthday!]
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