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Friday, August 11, 2006
balloons, balloons & balloons
that's my obsession. =)
yesterday, i was busy exchanging mails with a n@wie client. they'll celebrate the 1st birthday of her son on september with a Barney theme. she emailed me last week to inquire. she told me that she liked what i did to my lil' boy's 1st bday party, that's why she's interested on our services.
but unfortunately, he wasn't able to book my host, Bobi anymore because he had a prior commitment already. so the client had to check on Jelly Bellies' services.
oh my, Jelly Bellies! mukhang mahirap na kalaban because they are one of the BEST in the party business.
she asked me for a quotation on the decors that she wanted, so i gave her. actually, i gave her a quotation higher than that of JB, but of course, more inclusions. compared to JB, mas mura kami syempre. but compared on the "total look", at par lang kami with them. naks, hehe! gaya nga ng sabi sa commercial, "sing ganda, pero di sing mahal." nyahaha!
i am quite excited with this party, so i hope she'll get me. oh well, i'm always excited naman with every party we are doing eh. i'm always happy researching for new designs, learning on new techniques and shopping for new decors. i always frequent the malls and look for bright new ideas that i can incorporate on our designs.
anyway, last night, hubby was sick so we went to bed early. while breastfeeding lil' boy to sleep, i kept on thinking a new balloon design. at di ako nakuntento sa pag-iisip lang. pagkatulog ni lil' boy ay tumayo talaga ako at nagpunta sa balloon area ko. i got my balloons and experiment in the middle of the night! after 2 trials in inflating and twisting, i finally got the "look" that i want! yipee, a new balloon creation! and a cheaper one at that!
i showed hubby this morning my creation and he liked it. he was wondering when did i do it. in the middle of his paghihilik. hahaha.
i really love balloons, and decorating, and parties. it gives me this feeling of happiness and satisfaction. this is where i excel, and i guess this is my calling, hehe. if only i have enough money to really invest and concentrate on this business. if only my earnings on this will be as much as what i'm getting now. if only i can have it my way...
oh well, for now, it remains a side business. atleast i'm happy while i'm earning...a little! =)
posted by apple @ 6:27 PM  
  • At 11:37 PM, Blogger Jeanny said…

    hello apple...musta na...sana pinakita mo rin sa amin ang iyong latest creation...keep on aiming high...malay naten isa ka sa maging balloon icon dito sa pinas...:D

  • At 10:48 AM, Blogger apple said…

    thanks jeanny.
    i'll post some balloon decor soon. =)

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