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Sunday, June 17, 2007
our website!

due to insistent public demand, (naks! parang totoo, hehe), we are coming out soon with our new website.

yes, you've read it right. website na ito!

di na ordinary webshots of our party pictures. actually, a lot were asking talaga of our website. yung iba kasi, asar sa webshots kasi medyo mabagal daw. and yun nga, to invite and cater more clients through the net, i need to have a "real home". so we finally decided to buy and build our own on the net.
but right now, it's still under construction, hehe.

but you can check the teaser now at http://www.yanple.com. :)

then tell me what you think...

btw, below is the stats of my yanple webshots account:

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Posted on June 11, 2007 by manuturns1 on album makati sports club - ayala
Hi Apple. Great job on the decors! Really impressive.
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grabe, it's overwhelming! and i'm always thankful. :)
sana lang magtuloy-tuloy forever. AMEN! =)

and by the way, to my friends and clients who've been texting me on weekends and didn't get a reply asap (as in w/in a minute, hehe, ganyan kasi ako eh, sagot agad!), most probably, i'm in a party (or sleeping, mwehehe). whether pumping a balloon, decorating the venue or organizing a party. and so, my focus is there and not on my phone. hope you understand if i couldn't reply asap. better text me anytime on weekdays and i'm sure to reply in less than a minute, kahit nasa office meeting pa ako. haha.

thanks for your continued support, naks.
and please do visit my website again soon. :)
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