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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
the myLot community is growing! =)
i've been a member of this for 2 weeks now. but i seldom post because i didn't have a lot of "friends" yet, so i didn't really see the potential in earning much.
but since a lot of my egroup friends have signed up now, i'm seriously taking it into consideration again, mwehehe.
some of my friends have received their earnings already, so it's no hoax or scam. you just have to be very active in reading and posting topics and referring friends who are as eager as you. =)
quite easy because there are thousands of nice topics to engage into, you'll also learn a lot as you read views of people from different countries and culture. and the best part, i don't have to be guilty when i stay up late at night in front of my laptop, simply because i'm earning. and hubby can't do anything about that, haha.

so i just thought of sharing this, especially for internet addicts like me.
it’s like Friendster, but in here, you’ll be surfing while earning. you just have to post, post and post topics and discussions.

just click this link and register your account, and you’re on your way to getting extra income soon. =)

you can be paid through e-gold (no PayPal here in the Philippines yet), so open an e-gold account also by clicking this link.

you can exchange the e-gold at pinoygoldexchange and the equivalent will be sent directly to your bank account of your choice like BPI, Metrobank, etc.

just email me if you have questions.

hope to see you there! =)
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